Thursday, August 29, 2013

Review 1st Anniversary Deauty Box

Not so long ago I posted a blog post on Deauty celebrating their first anniversary. I already got a mail announcing that my Deauty box was coming my way and to celebrate this occasion they made something special for the subscribers.

Apparently Deauty has hidden a golden ticket in some of the boxes. Those who have the ticket will be receiving something spectacular. Unfortunately I haven't won received the winning ticket.

A couple of days ago I was more than happy to open the door to the mailman to receive my package. I received, opened and smiled:

The first thing that caught my eye was the paper lying on top of it. It looked like recycled paper saying Deauty's blowing out his 1st candle and that this could be celebrated with us, Deauty subbies. A celebraton with a beauty box and flowers. Apparently the papers I was holding were actually 2 thin papers stuck to each other and in between there were little flower seeds that can be planted. A pleasant surprise although I'm, unlike most girls, not a huge flower fan. Nonetheless, a nice detail they added to the box.
Deauty's menu for August
Bioderma miscellar water for sensitive skin

I saw 2 cards lying on top of the products: Clinique long last lipstick and a Bioderma card. I got very excited seeing a Bioderma in my box. I've been a Bioderma user for about a year and a half and this little bottle is perfect to travel with.
On the back of the card I saw we could get a free shower gel by the brand Bioderma in a beauty store, where I always get my miscellar water. As soon as I tried it, I'll make sure I'll keep you posted on how I (dis)like it!
Seeing I use this famous product and like it a lot, this is definitely one of favorite products of I ever received in my Deauty box, whoot whoot! (favorite product of the box can be found below...excited!)

Clinique long lasting lipstick: All Heart

Then we got a Clinique lipstick in the shade All Heart. Since I'm a wuss and think red lipsticks are overboard for me, I'm sticking to tinted lipbalms for now. I did swatch the lipstick and I must say that this is a pretty darn good long lasting one. It's a pinkish red color that goes on smoothly and leaves a pretty sheen to it. As most long lasting lippies tend to dry out the lips, I was quite hesitant toward this product, but it actually didn't dry out my lips. A very nice product to have received in my box.


Next to the Clinique lipstick I just couldn't get my eyes off the Maybelline baby lips. Yes, as you all probably know, I'm a huge lip junkie, I admit it. I already own some of the baby lips, but the ones I have are from Hong Kong. The one we received, is the one from the States. Too bad it's a clear one, but I'm telling you: these are awe-some!
Maybelline baby lips: Hydrate
I got the Hydrate one and this smells a bit like lemon. It's not my favorite scent, but I can live with it. 
Apparently these babies are coming over to Belgium, YAY! The range that will be coming over to Belgium has 5 different lip balms: hydrate, freshen, repair (all transluscent), cherry me (hint of red), pink punch (hint of pink). They all have their own scent to them. Honestly, I can't wait to get a hold of these lip balms! This is definitely my favorite item of this month's box :)

What makes this lip balm different from the other ones? These contain centella asiatica extracts, which will heal chapped lips VERY fast.

Another cool detail: this contains an SPF of 20! For those who aren't confident enough yet to wear color on the lips, this is perfect to throw in your purse!

Avril: Cuisse de nymphe

This time Deauty also added a blush by the brand Avril. This is called Cuisse de nymphe (French for nymph's thigh). Somehow the name reminds of NARS' sexual tinted names. How they came up with that name, only Avril knows... As for the pigmentation, it's actually very good. It's a coral blush that, once applied, looks very natural on the cheeks. Thanks to Deauty my interest started growing for the brand Avril as the quality is quite good.

Garnier smoothing perfecting primer
The last item in my box is a skin primer by Garnier that should blur out the appearance of wrinkles, pores, imperfections an shine. When applied, I immediately noticed the velvety texture it left on my skin. It was as smooth as a baby's butt and it felt like I had nothing on.
I haven't tried it with a BB cream on top, but will be trying it out as soon as I have a fancy occasion to go to, because frankly, this looks like a darn good item!

I'm not sure whether I'm overwhelmed by their first anniversary, but I have to say that this box was one of their best beauty boxes they've sent out so far.

Deauty, keep it rolling and I wish you many more anniversaries to come! Congrats!

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