Friday, August 16, 2013

How to apply blush?

Are you one of those girls that apply blush on the apples of your cheeks because everyone tells you to? Then keep on reading on how to apply blush properly.

I'm going to be frank. Yes, I was one of those girls that applied (a lot) of color on the apples of my cheeks. "If I can see it, I'm sure everyone will notice my blush." Haha! Unfortunately I didn't have anyone who told me I applied way too much color... So let this blog post guide you through the blush application process :)

First off, you have to determine your face shape. There are about 9 face shapes, but the 3 most known ones are: round, long, square and oval. 

Round = full face with round chin and rounded hairline (ex: Michelle Williams)

Since round-face shapes already have quite round cheeks, they shouldn't apply blush on their apples. Apply blush at a slanted angle: from the lower apple, under the cheek bone to the hairline. See it as if you're contouring your face to make it look more slimmer.

Long = length of face is significantly longer than its width (ex. Anne Hathaway)

To balance out the proportion of long shaped faces, they should apply color to the apples and sweep up to the midpoint of the ear. If you focus on the apples of your cheeks, it can give the appearance than the face is a little bit wider.

Squared = squared forehead and its width is the same as the width of the cheekbones and jaw line (ex: Keira Knightley)

Square-shaped faces should apply their blush at a slanted angle sweeping upwards: from their lower apple toward ear instead of up to their hairline. This will give the appearance that you have higher cheekbones and that you've cut the angular jaw in half. 

Oval = jawline is narrower than your temples (ex: Kylie Minogue)
Oval-shaped faces have a very good proportion of distance from eyes to forehead and to chin. Applying blush to these kind of face is quite easily since you can't mess it up :) Blush on either the apples or contouring will look exquisite.

As soon as you know which face shape you have, let's learn how to apply some blush on those cheeks of yours!

  1. Take a blush brush
  2. Dab it in your blush of choice
  3. Tap off the excess blush before applying it to your face. Do NOT blow on your brush as you will be blowing on bacterias from your mouth on to your brush before putting the brush on your face!
  4. Look in the mirror and smile. This will make the apples of your cheeks pop out.
  5. Place the blush on your cheeks as soon as you've determined your face shape.
  6. Tap tap tap :)
Hint: Start your blush application directly beneath the iris of your eye and don't go closer to your nose.

Remember you want to create a flush of colour on your cheeks like you've been out for a while. Apply the blush in a room with good daylight. Depending on how pigmented your blush is, you don't need to apply blush multiple times. You don't have to re-apply blush until you see a clear pink circle, if you get my point :)

In my next blog post I'll be sharing my top 5 blushes, so keep an eye open for that. Until then, what is your favorite blush?

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