Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NOTW: Go Ginza

Hi ladies!

I don't know about you beauties, but I'm more than ready to say goodbye to cold, snowy, rainy, depressing winter. Can't wait to give a round of applause for spring!

Essie has released their new spring collection, and man oh man, do they have pretty colors!
This collection is called Madison ave-hue and (as Essie is known for) they have the cutest names, but this time they gave it a little twist to it.
The names are all based on 6 cities:
  • bond with whomever (Bond Street in London)
  • maximillian strass her (Maximilianstraße in München)
  • hip-anema (Ipanema in Rio De Janeiro)
  • madison ave-hue (Madison Avenue in New York)
  • go ginza (Ginza in Tokyo)
  • avenue maintain (Avenue Montaigne in Paris)
Essie Spring 2013 Madison Ave Hue Collection Shades Essie Spring 2013 Madison Ave Hue Collection   Info & PhotosEssie Spring 2013 Madison Ave Hue Collection Colors Essie Spring 2013 Madison Ave Hue Collection   Info & Photos

  • I've picked out 'Go Ginza' for this week:

    Essie - Go Ginza

    Girls, I've fell in love with this color!
    It's a very light lilac color, which is almost baby pink. It goes on opaque after 2 coats, but I applied 3 just to be sure this gorgeous colors stays on longer (Mental comfort? Ow yeah!) It has a creamy texture, which gives the nails a nice sheen. Overall, a winner!

    I must say that this collection has come out with colors that can't be easily found in other drugstores, except for hip-anema then. We all have colors that look like these polishes, but when applies, you can always notice a slight difference in them.

    Essie, you've done spring proud! :)
  • #824 Maximillian Strasse Her
  • #825 Go Ginza
  • #826 Hip-Anema
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  • #821 Madison Ave-Hue
  • #822 Avenue Maintain
  • #823 Bond With Whomever
  • #824 Maximillian Strasse Her
  • #825 Go Ginza
  • #826 Hip-Anema
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    Thursday, March 7, 2013

    Butter 'em up please!

    Nivea lip butters
    Hi everyone!

    Recently Nivea launched a few lip butters (I'm sure you've heard of them by now, but I still wanted to give a little review on them). I've heard that these have become a HG for some people out there, so as a huge lip balm freak, I  just had to give these babies a go.

    There are 4 different scents:
    the original, vanilla & macademia, caramel cream and raspberry rosé.

    I got 2 of the lip butters, namely the vanilla & macademia and the raspberry rosé. (2 tins on the right)

    • contains shea butter and almond oil, which makes it easy to glide on the lips
    • lovely scent
    • 4 different kinds to choose from
    • although it's a tin, the cap is easy to take off

    • tin, which makes it quite unhygienic. You have to dip in with your finger to apply the lip balm.
    • leaves milky cast which needs to be blend out
    • absorbs just a little bit (it's mostly sitting there to protect the lips) 

    Maybe these would be even a better success if they would come out in a stick form, since a lot of those beauties are quite fond of their hygiene :p

    I must say, I've limited to using these at night because of 1. the milky cast and 2. I like the buttery consistency, but since it doesn't absorbs very easily I rather let them sit on my lips overnight to make them soft to start the day. (and yes, I do' apply other lip balms during day)

    As you can see, these have their pro's&cons.
    I like them, but I don't absolutely love them

    Is this my HG? No.
    Would I repurchase them? No.

    Overall, they're ok, but not THE best lip balms I've tried :)

    Sunday, March 3, 2013

    NOTW: Pink

    And I'm back beauties!

    Today I have another NOTW for you guys.

    If you've been following me for a while or if you live near Belgium or the Netherlands, you probably know HEMA, a drugstore from the Netherlands.

    A few months ago they've expanded their polish collection, and I've been dying to try them out!

    Since they are drugstore (read: cheap as hell!), I don't expect too much from them, but honestly... I must admit that they do last quite some while for a drugstore. But nowadays some drugstore polishes last even longer than my high ends ones!!

    Unfortunately the HEMA polishes don't have any names on their polishes, but hey, if they do the job and come out in darn pretty colors, I don't mind the anonymity :)

    Lately I've been in such a pink mood and I've been purchasing pink polishes of all kinds. Anyway, here's my latest purchase:

    HEMA - pink
    It's a beautiful hot pink with a duochrome with purple. Honestly, I can't get enough of the HEMA polishes. They apply beautiful opaque with just one coat, they're cheap, they're pretty and they com in a wide variety of colors.