Thursday, March 7, 2013

Butter 'em up please!

Nivea lip butters
Hi everyone!

Recently Nivea launched a few lip butters (I'm sure you've heard of them by now, but I still wanted to give a little review on them). I've heard that these have become a HG for some people out there, so as a huge lip balm freak, I  just had to give these babies a go.

There are 4 different scents:
the original, vanilla & macademia, caramel cream and raspberry rosé.

I got 2 of the lip butters, namely the vanilla & macademia and the raspberry rosé. (2 tins on the right)

  • contains shea butter and almond oil, which makes it easy to glide on the lips
  • lovely scent
  • 4 different kinds to choose from
  • although it's a tin, the cap is easy to take off

  • tin, which makes it quite unhygienic. You have to dip in with your finger to apply the lip balm.
  • leaves milky cast which needs to be blend out
  • absorbs just a little bit (it's mostly sitting there to protect the lips) 

Maybe these would be even a better success if they would come out in a stick form, since a lot of those beauties are quite fond of their hygiene :p

I must say, I've limited to using these at night because of 1. the milky cast and 2. I like the buttery consistency, but since it doesn't absorbs very easily I rather let them sit on my lips overnight to make them soft to start the day. (and yes, I do' apply other lip balms during day)

As you can see, these have their pro's&cons.
I like them, but I don't absolutely love them

Is this my HG? No.
Would I repurchase them? No.

Overall, they're ok, but not THE best lip balms I've tried :)

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