Saturday, October 6, 2012


Summer has passed by like nothing, leafs are changing colors and it's getting colder outside. Know what that means? Time to adjust polish to the season :)

Lately I've been into hot pinks, dark pinks, baby pink... in a nutshell: any pink polish have been my nails' best friend.

Here are some NOTDs:
Bourjois - Fuchsia Bucolique
1st up, Bourjois!
They've released gel formula polishes, and since I've heard god things about gel polishes, I wanted to try these since they're drugstores versions (yay, for lower price!)
This hot pink is actually quite good. It claims to dry up in 1 second. I wouldn't say 1 second, but it does dry quite fast, I must admit. Ow, and by the way, 1 coat is definitely enough :) I like!

Bourjois - Coral Magique
Another Bourjois gel formula polish. I don't really like this one for one particular reason: it's got gold shimmers in it. I'm not the shimmer kind of girl and I prefer my polishes opaquer as opaque :) It's a coral polish (and you all know I love my corals), but due to the shimmers in it I'm not  a big fan of this one. A shame, because it's the same formula as the polish mentioned above.
Another polish from a local Belgian drugstore. It's hot pink polish, that needs 2 coats but has a beautiful opaque color. It's cheap, lovely color and stays on quite long. Right on!

If this isn't hot pink, I don't know what is! It's a gorgeous hot pink color from OPI, gifted by my friend. 1 coats does the job and stayed upto 5 days, muchos likos! :)