Saturday, August 10, 2013

NOTW: Ben & Cherries

Hello there my precious!
I've got another NOTW for you all, and yes it's another drugstore polish. You know how much I like my drugstore goodies!
Essence - Ben&Cherries

This week's mani is by the brand Essence. It's one of the cheaper drugstore brands and when I saw the display I was immediately drawn to because of its cuteness!

Essence has a new ice cream collection.

This is Ben&Cherries (adorable name!) and it's a pink, slight lilac color. If you look closely you'll see subtle shimmer, which makes it just that little more fancy than it is.

It has a creamy texture and I have to admit that doesn't goes as smooth as I want it to be. You definitely need 2 coats since the first coat applies quite streaky.
Nonetheless, I can't complain for the price I have paid, which is about ... peanuts :)

The drying time takes some a while, but that's where my Sally Hansen comes to the rescue. That baby has cut my waiting time tremendously with every polish, and this is no exception.

All and all, not a bad polish, but I won't be repurchasing this.

Do you know any other good drugstore polishes you mind sharing?

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