Wednesday, May 1, 2013

NOTW: strawberry

Hi beauty lovers!

Time for another NOTW!
This week I experimented abit and came up with the following look:

You're probably wondering how I got the idea of drawing strawberries on my nails...

It all started with me borrowing Bourjois So Lacque Glossy Nail Lacquer in 04 Amande. It's a mint green which is almost pistachio-like. The polish is quite creamy and glossy, and I must say that this isn't a bad drugstore polish at all.

I planned on doing an altered french manicure, but with green tips. Weird? No worries, I shared the same thoughts :)

Afterward I added some coral (Catrice's CO2 Walk On Air) to make it less boring.

After looking at my coral nails with green tips, it made me think of strawberries, hence the black dots.

Honestly, this kind of mani's aren't my cup of tea. I just like experimenting and then take it off to put a more subtle color on the nails.

If you like these kidn of mani's, let me know and just maybe, I'll do more creative mani's! :)

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