Thursday, May 23, 2013

To make up or not to make up

Hi (healthy) co-beauty obsessed fans :)

Today's post is going to be slightly different...
No pictures, just pure raw writing on a blank canvas.
I was inspired to write this by a Youtube video and a certain TV show I saw yesterday.

If you've read my blog posts, they're mainly about how I like or dislike a product, or how much I suggest or don't suggest you to try out a certain product.

I have to admit, I may mention a lot of beauty products, but honesty (if you would really know me) you'd know I don't wear a lot of make up AT ALL. I'm all about the natural look. If I go out I do wear some eye brow powder, mascara, concealer and lip balm. If I'm going out I may add some eyeliner and blush. And if I'd stay in I wear lip balm, that's it.

I like make up, I do, very much. But, I don't feel comfortable wearing tons of make up.
Yes, I like to experiment, and yes, I like to put on some make up to see how it works, how long it lasts, ... but after a half an hour I'll be wiping it all away :D Just because, I like to let me skin breath and I dislike the feeling of make up sitting on my skin.

It's funny how make up can change lives.
When I was young and all my friends wore make up, I felt comfortable in my own skin without any make up. I would be the last one to put on some make up (to fit in) because it just wasn't me... It felt like putting stuff on my face to cover myself. No thank you.

Nowadays, I love make up. And I'm sure I own much more make up than all my friends together. But do I ever wear it? No. I know it's not healthy as well for splurging money on products I don't actually use.
On one hand, I want to be able to use it, so I can make my money's worth.
But on the other hand, I know people can actually get addicted to make up.

There are plenty of women (and men) who don't dare to walk out the door without wearing make up. Women who wear make up to exercise, to do chores around the house, to do groceries, ... Women who don't feel like themselves without any make up.

Come to think about it...

Are you one of them?

I know I'm not...yet. But I'm afraid that I'll be one of those women once I keep on using make up. Afraid of walking out that door, and be scared of looking the people in the eye because my eyelashes aren't curled, or terrified people will be staring at my red blemishes.

Let's be real: no one can be that superficial. Can they??

I know it can be different for those who have severe acne. I've heard stories about girls who are terrified of going out without make up because they're so self conscientious of their skin, and who end up being anti-social.
Honestly, I had acne when I hit puberty. A lot of acne, which left me with acne scars all over my face.
Sometimes I do look in the mirror and sometimes I can feel insecure as well. My advise for this? Get over it and try to live with it. It's a part from you now. If you feel secure enough from within, you won't even think about those acne scars anymore, which will give you instant confidence boosts! It'll make you think: hey, people actually like me for my personality, and not for my foundation or for my blush.

For those out there who can relate to me, make sure you have some makeupless time in the week, even if it's just for a few hours. It'll do you good, and believe me, your skin will be grateful to you as well.

For those who like a bit more make up than me... Try to go out without make up: walk around block for 5 minutes and go back. You'll notice that no one will make fun of you, no one will be staring at you for not wearing make up, no one will make a remark on it. Frankly, they wouldn't even notice because they're living their own lives.

I strongly advise young women to give this a go.
We all know that being conscience about how they look hits the younger generations as well. Unfortunately this generation is getting younger and younger.
Recently I overheard a little 6 years old girl asking her mom whether she looked fat in her dress or not. Honestly, it broke my heart a little...

Let's face it, the world is changing into a shallow place. Adding the media, peer pressure of looking good and insecurity tops it all off.

I'm not trying to be a hypocrite: I love make up, try this, try that versus don't wear make up, you're shallow.
Yes, I like make up. But, I don't need it to go through the day. I can live without it. Look at make up as a supplement, not as a requirement. Very cliche, but beauty is so much more than what we all see on the outside.

Have a wonderful day, I truly hope that this blog post has made you think twice before applying make up :)

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