Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nail polish routine

Hi beauties!

I've seen this subject going around beauty world and I thought I'd tag along and write a post about it.

My nail polish routine has improved so much in comparison to a few years ago.
My obsession for polished was always there, but it really came out of the closet for just 2 years ago. I've been hoarding polishes like crazy for the past few years, and yes, my name is Lily and I'm addicted to polish...

Anyways, back to the actual routine. I actually have a very simple routine. I don't do anything special to really take care of my nails (I should be ashamed, I know, but I just don't find the time to do everything what a lot of polish ppl do!)

Sally Hansen polish remover

1. Polish remover

I use the Sally Hansen fast& gentle polish remover with Vitamin E & Aloe (moisturizing for dry, brittle nails)

I've found that most drugstore polishes dry up my nails like hell! Hence my "splurge" on this goodie!

And yes, I do like it. If takes off most of my polishes (glittery polishes are still a pain in the *ss to take off though) and it moisturizes my nails without leaving any oily film on them.


2. Nail clipper

My nail clipper is called 777. It's a Korean brand but I bought mine in Hong Kong. This is probably one of the best clippers out there. It's not like I have very hard (ieuw) nails which are hard to clip away, but I have quite strong nails (yay!). Apparently not any clipper can handle my nails, mwoehahaha!

3. Base Coat
Chanel base coat

I've always used drugstore base coats (HEMA, Revlon, ...) and I don't think it really matters what base coat you use as long as you use one.

My other drugstore ones have become gloppy, so I couldn't use them anymore. My friend bought me this one a while ago, and I do like it, but I notice anything better whilst using this base coat. A base coat is a base coat to me.

4. Color

Then I go in with a polish of choice, depending on my mood and season :)

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri anti-chip top coat
5. Top coat

Final step is putting on my top coat: I LOVE the Sally Hansen top coat!

It prevents chipping, dries in an instant and it's just super duper awesome! Definitely a recommendation and I'll be repurchasing it for ever and ever!

There you have my nail care routine:
Yes, this is all I do and no, I don't soak my nails and I don't file them.
Actually this routine has already elongated in comparison to the past. In the past I just scratched off my old polish, clipped and apply color directly, haha! That's def the routine on how NOT to do your nails :)

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