Monday, May 28, 2012

Want to get Naked 2?

First of all, if you read the title... I'm not a perve, haha!

And secondly, yes, I'm still talking about make up on this blog: I'll be sharing my thoughts on the Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay! :) I think I'm probably the last make up lover on this planet who finally got her hands on one of these babies!
Urban Decay Naked palette

For all the make up lovers out there, if you haven't heard of this palette before, you must have disappeared for a couple of years :)

Urban Decay was very well known for their primer potions. I got a sample before, but unfortunately my oily lids kept the make up away in spite of using a UDPP (=Urban Decay Primer Potion).
Then they released their first Naked Palette. It's a neutral palette which has 12 neutral warm shades, a brush and the original primer potion. Beauty guru's have been raving about this palette, so - as smart as UD could be - they released their second palette. Again, this was a HUGE must have in the make up world. This palette contains 12 shades as well, including a white and a black matte shade (yay!), a double-ended brush and a travel size lip gloss.

UD upgraded their packaging and made a tin case instead of the brown carton which didn't always close properly. Next to the packaging they enlarged their mirror, and you know we, beauty lovers, can never have too many mirrors :)

Anyway, on to the colors!
This is the back of the palette. There's an attempt of displaying the colors in powder with their names below. These shades are all for neutral looks and the finishes are matte, shimmer and glitter.

Sorry for blinding you with the mirror on this pic, forgot to turn off my flash, but at least you're assured the mirror's big enough :)

Here's a zoom on each six colors of the palette:

  • Foxy: matte cream
  • Half Baked: metallic gold
  • Bootycall: satin champagne
  • Chopper: metallic rose gold with silver micro glitter
  • Tease: matte, taupe with purple undertones
  • Snakebite: satin deep bronze

  • Suspect: satin light taupe
  • Pistol: satin warm steel grey
  • Verve: icy silver
  • YDK: metallic mauve with micro glitter
  • Busted: satin plummy dark brown
  • Blackout: matte black
A lot of people were contemplating on whether to buy the original or the Naked 2.
Even though I don't own an original Naked palette, the Naked 2 seems to be more my cup of tea. There's a bigger variety in colors and finishes.

For those who are still on the fence:
Naked 1:
* warmer golden shades
* brown colors

Naked 2:
* cooler shades
* metallic taupe colors

It really depends on which colors you prefer. By reading blogs, watching vids and testing out I can assure you the quality is exactly the same from both palettes: PERFECT! The shades are extremely creamy and pigmented!

I'd say: no need to buy them both, just think it through on which colors you'll be using the most.

So beauties, tell me, which one do you prefer? :)

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