Sunday, May 27, 2012

Clarisonic Mia

Thanks to technology people have been able to use an electric toothbrush instead of a regular one. It's supposed to clean more thoroughly and (hopefully) it does the job faster!

What about having an electric toothbrush for your face? I'm talking about the Clarisonic. This little thing has been a hype in the States for a LONG time, and it's still a favorite of many beauty guru's.
As soon as I saw it was on sale, I had to splurge on one. Most of the time I don't really invest in skin care but I was just to curious about this item that I had to try it.

I bought the blue Clarisonic Mia, which comes with a little international plug (handy for traveling). And I got the brush head for sensitive skin. You can also get brush heads for acne, delicate, normal skin or you can get body brushes as well. These Clarisonic Mia's are available in several colors as well, and with Spring they've launched a Spring collection with fun bright colors!

As you can see it comes with a charger, an international plug and a cleansing product.

Here's a clear picture of the cleansing product. I'll give this cleanser a try, but I've heard that this isn't that good of a product. Most people use the Clarisonic with Purity by Philosophy.

I'll have a go with it and keep you updated on whether I like it or not. Since I haven't been using it for a long time, I prefer not to write a review about it already.

To be continued...

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