Sunday, May 27, 2012

NOTW: Bourjois no16

Hi there!

A bit late with posting my picture up, but here's the color I've been wearing this week.

It's a gorgeous red with gold sparkles in it. It reminds me of Chanel's distraction because of the texture and subtle sparkles in it. This is definitely one of my favorite reds out there!

Here's a picture of the beautiful red by day.
Bourjois no16
And here's on took after wearing this for almost a week, by night.
You can see it has chipped around the cuticles, but overall... not bad at all!
Bourjois no16

The Bourjois polishes are pretty much available everywhere since they're a drugstore brand. Honestly, I've tried high end that can't last longer than this baby!

Without a doubt, for those red polish lovers, give this one a try! :)

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