Sunday, May 13, 2012

Elf haul

Ask any beauty guru this question: what's the cheapest online make up brand you can get? That's right, ELF. This brand stands for eyes lips face and it's known for its quality and cheap make up goodies. You can easily get items for 1$, and for those who can't afford high end products this is a great brand to express your love for make up!
I've heard so much about ELF and since I got a discount for my bday, I decided to get myself a treat :)

I got 2 eye shadows, 4 nails polishes and 3 blushes:
ELF haul
The eye shadows I got were 1 powder and 1 creamy one. They're both neutrals, and both have a nude and a brown color.
both: Butter Pecan

Below you'll find the swatches of these eye shadows.
creamy nude - creamy brown - nude powder - brown powder
It's quite obvious that the only pigmented one is the powdery brown/bronzy one. The rest is quite sheer, which was quite disappointing. But could I get really disappointed for a 1€ make up item?

The creamy one is very sheer and in spite of good reviews I'm not sure whether I'll be able to use this since I already have oily eye lids. I think this product will just slip away from my eye lids! I'll give this a try with and without a primer, we'll see what the end result will be.

The powder eye shadow looks quite good, it makes a good natural eye look, so yay for this one!

Then I got 4 nail polishes for 10€ for 4:
Mango Madness, Fuchia, Dark Navy, Mint Cream

They all look like the website displayed them, except for Fuchsia. I expected something more purple-like, this one's more on the pink side. I tried Mint Cream and it'll probably be needing 3 coats to have an opaque color. I will try Mango Madness very soon, so pics will be coming up soon! Nevertheless, I like all colors and can't wait to give these a try!

Last but not least: blushes:
Candid Coral - Peachy Keen

These blushes were 4€, which is still peanuts for a blush. I had quite high expectations for these, but unfortunately these were very VERY sheer. It gives a nice sheen on your cheeks, but that's it. I prefer to have some color on my apples, but these are okay for those who like the subtle look.


This blush is probably the cheapest pigmented blush I own. I paid 1€ for it, yes you read it correctly: 1€!
Since I was quite let down by the pigmentation of the blushes above, I didn't have high hopes for the cheaper one, but man oh I like this blush! (too bad it doesn't show up on the swatch below though, boo!)

Here's a swatch of the 3 blushes:
Candid Coral - Peachy Keen - Glow
I tried to photograph the swatches properly but since I don't have good lighting the colors aren't shown very well :(

You can see that Candid Coral has more of a yellow undertone, while Peachy Keen is more on the pink side.
Glow on the other hand is just very pink. It's a very lovely color, but you have to be easy on this one when applying it to the cheeks, because you can easily put too much of this product which will make you look like a clown (a pretty clown though!)

It all comes to this: don't let the price decide whether the product will do the job or not. A big thumbs up for ELF for making this available as well for those who are on a lower budget...hip hip hooray!

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  1. fab haul,love the nail colours!