Thursday, April 5, 2012

SAMPAR Essentials line

A while ago I entered a writing contest for a local magazine and surprisingly I won! A few weeks later they e-mailed me saying I won a beauty package by SAMPAR.
I've heard of the brand before, but I was never drawn by the packaging since I don't know much about it. As soon as I knew I won that price I did some research on the following products:

SAMPAR Essentials: Velvet Cleansing Milk - Urban Express Mousse - Skin Quenching Mist

Apparently they're part of the Essentials line, but these 3 products can be considered as the most commonly known products. They're called this way because they all contain essential oils and are suited for all skin types.

* Velvet Cleansing Milk (cleanses & softens):
   This cleanser that's supposedly would take all your make up off.

* Urban Express Mousse (essential oils & vegetal sugar):
   The foaming cleanser will purify and clear your skin of toxins.

* Skin Quenching Mist (tones & soothes):
  A spray to lock your make up into place.

Apparently they do score quite good in the beauty world. It's just weird that I haven't heard much about it.

I haven't tried these products before because I've been trying other skincare products for the moment. I will review these as soon as I get a chance to try these babies out!

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