Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nail polish collection

I have to admit: I have a nail polish addiction but hey in my defense, which girl hasn't? Every time I see a cute color I just have to get it. And yes, the colors may look a like, but no, they're not exactly the same color :)

Let's start off with Bourjois:
One coat of the 16 and 15 will do, but you will need 2 coats to get an opaque color from 13.
They have a creamy consistency and are an okay price for a nail polish.

16: red/coral
25: pink/coral
13: baby pink
16 - 25 -13

Then Catrice:
I simply love these nail polishes: they're creamy, have a great selection of colors and they're SO cheap!

no030 My Café Au Lait At Nôtre-dame (nude)
CO2 Nude from Female collection (spiced pink)
no210 Just married (shimmery baby pink)
no520 Apropos Apricot (pastel orange)
no510 Bye, Bye birdy (pastel yellow)
no540 Am I blue or green (mint)
no200 From dusk to dawn (grey-brownish)
no190 Wrapped around my finger (dark fushia)
no170 I Scream Peach (coral)
CO2 Walk On Air from Hidden World collection (peachy with purple shimmers)
030 - CO2 Nude - 210 - 520 - 510 - 540 - 200 - 190 - 170 - CO2 Walk on Air

I've heard so many good things about it, and to be completely honest... I don't like them as much as most beauty guru's do. I simply don't like the formula and they can be quite expensive in Belgium. Sad thing about it: they chip so easily on me!

735 Skate night (sparkly bordeaux)
001 Wild Mink (spicy dark pink)
CGW235 Outrageous (hot pink)
35 - 001 - CGW235

The nail polish brand I was very excited about to having them in Belgium as well is Essie:
These nail polishes are very creamy, but again I liked them, but didn't love them like crazy. Unfortunately they chip easily on me as well :(

74 Tart Deco (coral)
23 Eternal Optimist (spicy nude)
205A Brooch The Subject (nude)
14 Fiji (baby pink)
203A Cocktail Bling (grey)
74 - 2 - 205A - 14 - 203A

Let's talk about some drugstore ones from Hema:
For a drugstore these nail polishes are actually quite good. You'll need 2 coats of this, but on the other hand..sometimes a high end polish requires 2 coats as well. With a good topcoat they last for about a week, which is acceptable for a drugstore product! If there'd be any other color I'd like, I will continue on buying these!

Unfortunately they don't have names, so I'll just mention a short description of the color.

front row:
pastel pink - pink - burgundy- black

back row:
jade - dark purple with purple shimmers - burgundy - red - hot pink - spiced pink - pink with silver sheen - shiny nude - nude (base coat) - translucent (top coat)

Another drugstore brand which is more known all over the world, L'Oréal:
These 2 are from the L'Oréal Color Riche collection and they're available in a wide range of colors. They're creamy, give a good coverage and are simply gorgeous colors!

no601 French Riviera (mint with blue sparkles)
no305 Dating Coral (coral)
601 - 305

I'm not a big fan of Nivea nail polishes, but I do quite like the following nail polishes:
They say they're shock resistant, but I don't notice any more or less dents if I'd accidentally bump into something.They do last quite a long time and the Lilly Gloss does really shine brighter than bright...LOVE it!

06 Rose (pastel pink)
25 Pink Blossom (light pink)
17 Amarettini (nude)
99 Lilly Gloss
06 - 25 - 17 - 99

Another brand which was raved about on the internet: OPI:
Since the price is quite high, I only tried one product from this brand. The consistency is okay, but I wouldn't purchase any other OPI nail polish.

Lincoln Park After Dark (dark purple)
Lincoln Park After Dark

No nail polish collections of mine would be completed without any Asian drugstore brands, namely Sasatinnie:
The milky polish is actually the only pink pastel I really like, because it's so cheap and 1 coat of this and you're good to go.

P573 Rose (bright pink)
Q23 (sparkly milky)
P573 - Q23

The last brand I'll be discussing is the Sinful Colors nail polishes.
I love these nail polishes: creamy texture, color range, last long, price is okay.

front row:
M808 Flirting Nails (sparkly bronze)
M1035 Nude Du Soir (sparkly nude)
M982 Be Happy (mint)

second row:
M44 Fire Red (sparkly bordeaux)
M1049 Aubergine (reddish purple)
M795 Folly (hot pink)

back row:
1010 Poudre (salmon)
1006 Mauve (mauve)
front row: M808 - M1035 - M982
middle row: M44 - M1049 - M795
back row: 1010 - 1006

Aside from these nail polishes I have some other from random brands. But these brands are definitely one of my favorites! You've probably noticed that I don't really have high end polishes, that's just because I can't afford to pay that much for a beauty item. IF I'd ever get one, you'll be the first to know! :)


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