Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chanel nail polish: Distraction

How ironic that I mentioned in my former post blog that I don't own high end products aside from Shu Uemura and MAC. As you've noticed by reading the title, I'm officially the owner of a LE Chanel nail polish. Woo hoo!

A very good friend gifted me this nail polish. She let me tried it to see whether I liked it or not. Turned out I really liked the color, the creamy texture and especially the subtle fuchsia shimmer in it. But what really got me over then fence was that it didn't chip AT ALL,not even a little default. So that's where the money goes..on longevity? :)

I went to the store because I was planning on getting it, but it wasn't available anymore at the store I could get to. Was disappointed, but I got over it. It's a nail polish for crying out loud! :) But I have to admit I am quite happy that my friend got this as a bday present for me!  Hip hip hooray for friends!!

It looks quite pink from the pic above, but it's more of a coral pink as you can see below. It's simply THE perfect color for spring/summer! And if you turns your hands in the right angle, you'll notice some occasional fuchsia shimmer peeking out!

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  1. This is a super pretty color!