Thursday, March 29, 2012

Maybelline baby lips

Waaaaay before I started using make up, I was hooked on lip balms. I tried every brand: from drugstore lip balms to Rosebuds. Somehow I lost a bunch of my lip balms, but here's a tiny part of my collection :)

As soon as I found out Maybelline launched baby lips lip balms I just had to try them, but surprise surprise...they aren't available in Europe. I was happy.. no ecstatic!! to see Mannings selling the lip balms I wanted. I did notice that they're different than those from the States, but I think they do the job just as well as the American version.

smoothing cherry - anti-oxidant berry

These lip balms are very hydrating. As said before, they do differ than those you can get at the States. The packaging is different, they're all translucent, but the scent is just as good!
Let's just say I'm glad I bought back ups of these babies!

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  1. I love your blog! Is there a reason why it's called mistletea? I really want to try the baby lips! Which one is your favorite?
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