Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Review Nivea deodorant

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I'm back with another review...

As you've read the title (otherwise you probably you won't even have clicked on this blog post, hehe), I like to share my opinion with you on a Nivea deodorant.
Nivea extra whitening deodorant

I'm not really sure whether this is being sold in the States, but I'm pretty sure this is not sold in Europe. I bought this in Hong Kong.
Europe has the pearl&beauty version. (for those who speak Dutch, check this link out)

You've probably noticed the 'extra whitening' writing. As most of you know, Asians just ADORE any products which can make your skin whiter. The paler, the better, is pretty much their motto! :)

What does it says on the bottle?
  • whitening & smoothens skin
  • tightens pores
  • anti-perspirant protection
  • 48 hours reliable
  • quick and long lasting dry feeling
This 50ml roll on deodorant has a see through plastic cover and you can see a milky liquid in it. I've used a lot of deodorants and I have to admit that this does NOT work any better than other deodorants. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad deodorant, it's just ... not better. The big question on this product is: does this really whitens as it claims? No, I don't think so.

As I like to smell good, I'll definitely use this all up, but I probably won't be repurchasing this as I prefer spray deodorants.

What do you prefer: sprays or roll ons?

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