Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Products I've used up November '13

The end of the year is nearing and so it is for the products I've been using vigorously.
In this blog post I'll take you through the products I've emptied or are about to empty :)

Since I've bought so many moisturizers for the face, I just had to use some up before I allow myself to go all crazy over moisturizers. This Shiseido Pureness mattifying moisturizer is oil free and has kept me semi matte. After a few hours the oils in my face have come out, but I do need a pretty hardcore mattifying product to keep my oils at bay. For that, I'm glad to have used, but I'm also very glad that this is used up. Now I have another excuse to be on the look out for a new moisturizer, haha!

Second item up is my lip scrub by Lush. I got the Gourmandise flavor, which is a chocolate scented one. I know you can easily make your own lip scrub, but I like to go all fancy and buy one with the nice scent to it.
Lush lip scrub: Gourmandise



If you've seen my NOTW's passing by, you probably wouldn't be surprised I used up base coat and a top coat. I've been using the Quick Dry Base Coat by Revlon for my nails and a Sally Hansen Insta Dri Top Coat. I have to admit that they're both not entirely empty. You know how most polishes can dry up when you're nearing the end and they start get al guppy. Yeah, that's what happened with my base and top coat. 

Being a lip balm hoarder it is very likely for me to actually finish a lip balm. But if it happens, it must be because I really like the balm. I've had this lip balm for almost 2 years, but meanwhile I've cheated on this Baby Lips with other lip balms. During October and November I rediscovered this lip balm because my lips were chapper than chapped, haha! This Baby Lips is the Asian version, has a sweet cherry scent to it but doesn't have any color pigmentation. Baby Lips, you've won over my heart!
Maybelline Baby Lips
These were the empties for this month! I'm sure there are still a lot of empties blog posts to come, because I have a lot (and I mean A LOT) of products laying around waiting for me to use up. Stay tuned for more empties posts :)

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