Sunday, December 22, 2013

NOTW: Showgirl

To get in the holiday's spirit, I decided to slap on some sparkly red on the nails. A look that you can never go wrong with!

Ciaté - Showgirl
In the picture above I'm wearing Showgirl from Ciaté's Passionista collection.
This is a reddish pink polish with pink and purple micro glitters all over it. If there's one polish I own that screams Christmas it's definitely this one. 

The formula from Ciaté's polishes apply like jelly. I happen to like it, or let me put it this way: I can work with them. Some people I know love Ciaté's colors but dislike the formula.

I've applied 2 coats of Showgirl to make it look flawless, but most Ciaté's need 2 coats in my opinion.

And let us just take a moment of silence to admire the cuteness of the bottle :)
It looks gorgeous, fancy, expensive and cute thanks to the little bow they've put on the front of the polish.

Unfortunately Ciaté isn't easy accessible for those nail polish lovers out there who live in Belgium unless you order them online. I bought mine in a drugstore in the Netherlands.

Next time I'm trying a Ciaté, I'm picking a cream color. I have 2 glitter polishes by this brand and I was wondering whether 1 creamy color will do the job or not.

If you have a cream color by Ciaté, let me know in the comment bar below :) Is t worth the money?

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