Saturday, November 2, 2013

to SC or not to SC?

Hello there everyone!

If you've taken the time to read this blog post, you're probably wondering what the letters 'SC' stand for. Let me help you out... Pronounce the letters one by one. What polish brand did you just say?

That's right :) Essie

In this blog post I'll be talking about nail polishes, but first let me show you my collection of Essie polishes.

Here's a listing of the polishes I have left to right:
  • Cocktail Bling: blue toned grey
  • Eternal Optimist: spiced rose
  • Brooch The Subject: light mocha
  • Fiji: milky pink
  • Tart Deco: coral
  • No Chips Ahead: top coat
  • Go Ginza: pastel purple
  • School of Hard Rocks: greyish dark green
  • She's Pampered: dark pink - red
  • Buy Me A Cameo: rose gold
  • Naughty Nautical: teal

Before I get into reviewing each and every one, let me put out there that I'm no longer an Essie fan, in spite of having 11 polishes.

Cocktail Bling:
This blue toned grey polish is a pretty color, but it just doesn't suit my skintone. I was hoping it would turn out lighter on the nails, but after putting 2 coats of this this turns out darker than it looks like in the bottle. A pretty color, but not my thing.

Eternal Optimist:
A spiced rose that reminds me of a grandma nude. Not flattering enough for me to like it.

Brooch The Subject:
This varnish has a tint of mocha. I'm into nudes, but this gave my mani a dirty look. Kind of the opposite of what I expect from a mani...

Fiji: When I looked up swatches from this milky pink polish, I thought it could be my go to polish for whenever I want my nails to look classy but not overdone. Unfortunately this reminded me of doing my nails with Tipp-Ex. It made my nails look SO white. No thanks Fiji.

Tart Deco: A bright color which is perfect for the summer time. I like coral colors, especially during the warmer months, but too bad it wouldn't look good during the cold months of which we have a lot here in Belgium.

No Chips Ahead: This topcoat is probably the worst topcoat I've ever used. It's ironically that they call this No Chips Ahead, since this made my mani chip like crazy. A big no no.

Go Ginza: This lavender is probably one of my favorite polishes EVER! Not just from my own Essie collection, but from my entire polish collection. This is a gorgeous pastel purple that can be worn all year round.

School of Hard Rocks: A greyish dark green color that was in my Deauty box and a color I wouldn't have picked up it was for me. It's a too dark of a color and in my opinion greens and blues are just not my cup of tea.

She's Pampered: I was hoping this red varnish would be more of a pink red, but instead it's more of a deep pink (as in you can barely see it, ergo it's just a classic red). Every girl needs a good red in their collection, and it's an okay polish, but it just wasn't what I expected it to be.

Buy Me A Cameo: A rose gold polish that reminded me of Orly's Rage without the shimmers. I've been into rose gold the last couple of months and I thought this color would be right up my alley. Unfortunately this was so streaky, my love for rose gold even diminished...

Naughty Nautical: A teal I was gifted when I bought Buy Me A Cameo. I wouldn't reach for this kind of color, but it is a very pretty color.

In spite of the wrong color choice, I have to admit that for most Essie varnishes the formula are quite creamy and sometimes one coat will do the trick. But unfortunately, this just isn't enough for me to keep on trying out Essies.

Overall, I think I've given Essie enough chances to make me fall in love with the brand. There were just too many misses than hits that I won't be purchasing the Essie polishes anymore.

What do you think of Essie? To SC or not to SC?

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