Thursday, October 24, 2013

Review L'Oréal Triple Active Fresh gel cream

Well hello y'all!

In this blog post I'll be talking about a moisturizer, yes another moisturizer. I've been experimenting with all different kinds of moisturizers and although they all work and still don't fulfill all of my wishes, I haven't found my HG yet.

When I saw this lying on the shelf I didn't have too high hopes for it. The thing that caught my eye was that this is a gel.
As soon as I opened it, I immediately thought of Biotherm's Aqua Source which is a light gel like texture. Whenever I applied it to my face it actually felt like putting Aqua Source's brother on my face: it's a little bit heavier than Biotherm's moisturizer. Aqua Soure is a very light gel cream, which is fresh and gets absorbed into the skin like water. This is a tad thicker, feels fresh on the skin as well and absorbs easily too but not as quick as the Biotherm one.
L'Oréal Triple Active Fresh super hydrating gel cream
I've included this moisturizer in my beauty regime. I cleanse my skin and put some of this on before I go to bed. It hydrates my skin without being too greasy.

The only thing that put me off was when I was reading the ingredients. This contains parabens. These are chemicals being put in cosmetics to preserve them. I try to use as less silicons and parabens as much as possible. Although this feels great on my skin and I'll be finishing this product, I won't be repurchasing this.

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