Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Beauty meets food: Gonna boil myself a tea bag

Since I have Chinese roots, I was bound to drink tea each and every day when I was little. I have to admit that growing up, my tea liking had diminished, but that doesn't take away how healthy and yummy tea is. 
Next to that, you can also use a tea bag for beauty purposes. Keep on reading if you're wondering what a tea bag can do for you :)

  • Face
    • Skin: I like to use different face cleansing methods: scrub, foam cleanser, Clarisonic, ... To make sure my face doesn't get used to a certain way of cleansing, I like to have an occasional face steam. I like to boil some water in a large bowl and add some tea bags. I like to use mint tea (for the fragrance) or green tea (for its antioxidant properties). Put a towel over your head and bend over the bowl. The towel should act as a wall so the steam can't escape. The steam will open your pores and hydrate the skin. As soon as the steam is gone, take a handkerchief and dip it in the tea and rub it over your face. Your skin will feel silky smooth and clean.
    • Eyes: Cool tea bags can be used to de-puff your swollen eyes. Press the teabag slightly on the eye for about 15 minutes. The tea's acid will de-puff the eyes and reduce the puffiness in the eye area.
  • Body: In case you forgot to wear SPF when you were out in the sun and you got yourself a sunburn, a tea bag (green tea especially) can sooth the burn which takes the ache away.
As I already mentioned, a tea bag is used to drink tea. (Well d'uh?) Drinking tea is very healthy for the body. It's commonly known that tea contains antioxidants which is a great source for antioxidant nutrition.
To sum up just a few advantages from drinking tea are:
  • it can reduce the risk of heart attack
  • it might protect against a lot of cancers
  • it might provide UV protection
  • it can improve bone mineral density and strength
  • it hydrates the body
Next to these 5, it has a lot more positive effects to the body than you think. The only thing I can say is that tea is VERY good for you. Just make sure you have actual tea such as green or black tea. Herbal tea is not a real tea!

This was my last blog post on the series beauty meets food. I hope you liked this serie and I surely hope you've learned something from it and tried it. See y'all soon!

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