Friday, June 29, 2012

Essie Top Coat

After using a drugstore top coat for YEARS, I decided to upgrade my choice in top coats :)
I wanted to try out Revlon Colorstay top coat, but unfortunately those haven't been released in Belgium yet... So I gave the Essie top coat a try.
Essie top coat

It's called No Chips Ahead and it says 'chip free top coat' and contains 13,5ml. It applies easily - the brush is small but you can apply a coat neater than with a big brush. Although I wouldn't mind a big brush, I couldn't help but notice that if you take too much of the polish it'll cause bubbles (and we do NOT want that!!).

I tried a second time by applying thin coats and it still got tiny bubbles on my nails. Not something I would expect from a more decent brand like Essie.

I'll use the entire bottle, but I'm still on the look for THE top coat that will free me from staring at my bubbles for the entire week :)

Up to the next top coat I'd say :)

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