Sunday, September 1, 2013

Review Maybelline baby lips

YES! I finally got my hands on the Maybelline baby lips!
These have been raved about in the beauty community (mostly the States) for years, and when I went to Hong Kong last year I saw that they had released an Asian version of them. I snatched about 6 with me (because I'm crazy like that) and yes, they were goooooood!

But still, as soon as I heard the American versions were coming to Belgium, I kept my eyes peeled as they've never been peeled before, haha!

You might be thinking, jeesh chill out, they're just lip balms. That's true, only...they're not :D

Most lipbalms contain shea butter, oils to soften the lips. Some of them even contain SPF. The Baby Lips have all that, except they have something that most lipbalms don't have: centella asiatica extracts. This extract is taken from herbs which will help your chapped lips heal in no time!

Above that, they have a variety of 5 different lip balms (they have 6 in the States, but for some reason the 6th lip balm wasn't good enough for Belgium :p):
  • Hydrate (blue): lemon and basil scent
  • Freshen (green): mint scent
  • Repair (yellow): cherry and almond scent
  • Cherry Me (orange): cherry scent
  • Pink Punch (pink): passion fruit scent
Side note: Hydrate, Freshen and Repair are translucent. Cherry Me is red tinted and Pink Punch is ... what do you think? Why yes! Pink tinted!

Maybelline Baby Lips: Hydrate, Repair, Cherry Me
On the packaging it claims to do the following for the lips:
  • hydrate
  • give it a better look
  • protect
  • soften

These will keep your lips hydrated up to 8 hours, are light as a feather on the lips, protect it from sun rays (thank you spf 20), have a pleasant scent to it and are cheap as hell.
I paid 3,99€ for each one, but I've read that they can be cheaper, depending where you get them. 

Soooo... Next time you're in the drugstore, get one, try it out for yourself and let me know what you think of the wonderful world of Baby Lips :)

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