Sunday, September 15, 2013

Announcement beauty meets food series

Hi everyone,

This blog post will be rather short.

I would like to announce that I'll be posting a short series of articles this week about home remedies with ingredients you can easily find at home. These posts should help you in how to improve your beauty regimen.

I was inspired by reading recipes in magazines and thought of how some of the key ingredients cannot only be used to feed the body but also to take care of the body from the outside.

People have published a lot of articles on these ingredients before, but these has been given the true Mistletea-stamp to it (aka: these might work better on some of you than others. There are remedies I've mentioned that I haven't tried, but I've heard or read a lot of experiments and information from friends, magazines, beauty salons, etc. I did try the majority of the remedies and they did work on me)

Should you be interested, keep those eyes peeled for some beauty-meets-food information :)

P.S.: Should you recognize any of the songs in the upcoming post titles, go ahead and tell me in the blog post's comment bar below!

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