Thursday, January 10, 2013

Eyelash curlers: to have or to have not?

If there's one beauty item I can't live without, it would be eyelash curler!
It's an item that can totally change the way you look!

For all those beauty newbies out there, buy yourself an eye lash curler! Trust me! It opens you look in an instant and if you look around in drugstores, you CAN get yourself a cheaper but a good one!

I have pretty stubborn eye lashes, they're the typical Asian eyelashes which are short, stick straight and pointing down. In other words, they're one of the suckiest lashes out there :D

An eyelash curler was my first beauty buy when I just started getting interested in beauty related thingies. I used a ridiculous cheap curler and my eye lashes punished me by falling and breaking off... I guess I learned to appreciate those short eye lashes over having no lashes at all, hahaha!

I started to do some research and found out the Shu Uemura was a holy grail for a lot of Asian people out there. I decided to invest in a Shu curler, and man oh man, did I fall in love with it!
Shu Uemura
It has a comfortable handle, it curls well (which makes my lashes !!long!!) and it can be used for several years. This curler is an HG!

After using it for a few years, I decided to keep an eye open for cheaper versions but have the same curve and I came across with this...
Cyber Colors
I must say I'm pretty impressed by this.
This is the Cyber Colors eye lash curler that I got at Sasa, an Asian drugstore (as in Target, Ulta, Walmart, ... in the States).  I even dare to say that it can be compared to the Shu Uemura one, except ... this is WAY cheaper!

Here's a picture of both eyelash curlers next to each other.
Shu Uemura - Cyber Colors
As you can see, the Shu Uemura has a more curving wand and I was kind of hesitant to use this, because I've used cheaper ones before and they eventually pulled my eyelashes out (not a pretty sight if you already don't have a lot of them!). But, it has the same curling effect, the handle is comfortable to use. The only (maybe) downside is that the CC's cushion doesn't last as long as the one from Shu, but're paying almost no money for this curler!

For the moment, I'm loving both and can alternate between them both. Since I didn't pay much for the CC, I'm more comfortable carrying this one around in my beauty case without being scared of dropping, losing (though I hope I don't!), breaking it. As to the Shu, I prefer leaving that one at home where my beauty case stays put and doesn't need to be carried out and about :)

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