Friday, December 14, 2012

NOTW: Girl Trouble

Hi folks!

MAC has recently launched a Glamour Daze Nail Laquer collection where they have polishes in 2 formula's: pearl and crème.

I've applied opaque in 2 coats and tadaaaaa:
MAC: Girl Trouble

It's a silver based purple with a pearl finish. You can probably notice the fine glitter, but I must say it's so densely packed that it looks like a metallic finish in the end.

For the nail lovers out there, you and me both know that glitter is darn hard to remove... and I must admit that MAC's Girl Trouble is no exception.

I chose this polish, because I don't have any other pearly color like this. MAC isn't cheap, but if there's a special color out there, I probably won't be able to resist it :)

Which MAC polish do you love?

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