Tuesday, August 20, 2013

NOTW: 17

Hi y'all!

If you're wondering what polish I've slapped on my nails this week, you're probably just as much of a nail junkie as I am. In that case, welcome to the dark side, mwoehahaha :)

Last week I passed by HEMA (a Dutch drugstore) and I saw they had a new collection of polishes. As a beauty blogger I just had to know what the newest colors in store were.

I noticed they had released a collection with special editions such as chameleon effect, glitter and holographic polishes.

Hint: Chameleon Gold 65 is a great dupe for Chanel's Peridot!

I didn't buy any of the chameleons because the gold isn't really my cup of tea. The glitters are a hassle to take off, so the only polishes left to my interest were the holographic ones. I own nr 17:
HEMA holographic 17

Because of the poor camera quality and the holographic polish, it is very difficult to get the actual sheen on picture. I tried to take the picture with flash as well, but that didn't help one bit :D

I promise you this is holographic.
If you see it in real life, you'll get a glance of a pretty pinkish purple sheen to it.

Somehow this polish kind of reminds me of Ciaté's Halo. Now, I'm not saying it's a dupe, but the transparent look with the purple sheen is something they have in common.

For the money I spent on this polish, it's worth it. I'm not a huge fan of holographic polishes, but I do think they're pretty if you want something very subtle, yet special (if you know what I mean)

I only applied one coat of this, because I didn't want to bother applying another coat. A sheen will stay a sheen, right? I don't think you can emphasize a sheen that's already there from the first time.

Overall, this isn't a bad collection. They're fun to try out and to see whether holographic polishes are your thing. After all, they're very affordable and they do come in a variety of shades.

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