Thursday, June 14, 2012

Review eye shadow: Catrice vs Shu Uemura

A while back I bought a taupe color from Shu Uemura. Color? Great! Pigmentation? Good color pay off! Cheap? Not really...

Now I'm always on the hunt for drugstore products that are quite similar to the high end products. And recently I walked by the Catrice eye shadow section, and a certain packaging caught my eye.
Catrice taupe - Shu Uemura taupe

First thing first: I do realize these aren't similar colors. But let's review these anyway, shall we? :)

They both have similar packaging, a plastic square with the eye shadow in it and with the name mentioned below. I know you can depot the eye shadows from Shu, but I haven't given Catrice's a try, simply cause I don't want to ruin it :D

Catrice is way cheaper than the Shu one. I'm pretty sure you can buy 5 to 6 Catrices or buy 1 Shu.

Color pay off:
Catrice has a good color pay off, it's way better pigmented than I expected. Shu, though, is a good light color wash off. Here's a swatch:
left: Catrice - right: Shu Uemura

The lighting isn't very good, but if you look closely, it's clear that the Catrice shows up better. If I'll repurchase one of these goodies, I'm sure I'll go for the Catrice one. Goooooooo Catrice!! :)

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  1. i havent hear of catrice and i agree, i have to say the swatch photo was a bit bad (not that its your fault). i just wanted to have seen the swatch better :D -Loving Sunshine